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Looking for the perfect Jewellery Gift For Her (Or Him to Receive)? Introducing Our Christmas Gift Guide 2021.
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Looking for the perfect Jewellery Gift For Her (Or Him to Receive)? Introducing Our Christmas Gift Guide 2021.

Looking for the perfect Jewellery Gift For Her (Or Him to Receive)? Introducing Our Christmas Gift Guide 2021.

It’s that time of year again, the time where your Google browser history looks a little like a shopping catalogue. Whether you are incessantly googling “Christmas gifts for women” or even perhaps “posh gift ideas”, it can always be difficult to find something that is unique. We always want our gifts to be rich in meaning, instantly conveying our love and devotion to each other, but also, in the spirit of 2021, we want our gifts to be sustainable too. Which is why our antique jewellery is the ultimate luxury gift for her.

Not to mention, with sustainability at the forefront of conversations, our antique jewellery could be the sustainable christmas gift you are looking for. Not only are these eco-friendly gifts great for the planet, but they are investment heirlooms that you can treasure for a million lifetimes. All of our jewels will set their hearts a-flutter - just imagine her face when she is unwrapping a sugary pink Lillicoco box, with a Sapphire Diamond ring inside or perhaps a vintage Pearl necklace? Our Lillicoco gift guide has chosen jewellery gifts under £300, under £750 and under £1500, including some exquisite big spenders too. Not only have we have opted for pieces that will get you in the festive mood, but we have also chosen pieces that are everyday essentials, ready to be worn for another 100 years.

And, with our Lillicoco Winter Sale kicking off last weekend, Christmas 2021 never looked so sparkly! With these jewellery presents, you will certainly earn your place on Santa’s nice list for at least another year.

Jewellery Gifts

Under £300

Our handpicked selection of Christmas gifts for under £300 is the perfect affordable luxury gift for her. From a dainty Opal ring to an icy blue Art Nouveau pendant necklace, there are treats for all tastes.


Curated with sweetness in mind, these cuties can be worn and loved for another century. The heart padlock is perfect for everyday luxury, and the Amethyst Pearl necklace looks as if she has been plucked from the sugarplum fairies jewellery box!

Our favourite has to be this Art Nouveau lavalier pendant, a lovely example of this famed style of early 20th century jewellery. The Paste is a gorgeous icy blue colour that compliments the solid 9ct Yellow Gold, giving you ice and fire in equal measure. This necklace deserves an equally fabulous dress, because who doesn’t want to feel like the snow queen?  

Look at all these goodies below! Each piece is under £300 - don't you just love it!


This lovely selection is proof that you don’t need to blow the budget to instantly become their favourite person.

Under £750

Pearls, Enamel and Diamonds, in our opinion, are a match made in antique jewellery heaven! This choice of jewels are all under £750, and we are confident that they are a fantastic investment if you want a luxurious gift that will stand the test of time and money.


So, what do we have here? A French 18ct Gold tassel pendant, an Edwardian Seed Pearl maltese necklace, a classic Diamond “Gypsy” ring and for those searching for an unusual Christmas gift, a rare Art Nouveau Diamond pocket watch is something very special indeed. All of these picks are the perfect mixture of classic and esoteric finds.

The French tassel pendant is the easiest way to add a little je ne sais quoi to your necklace stack, the eye-catching black Enamel and Pearl inlay bring nuance and character to the top of the tassel, while the articulated tassels offer something fun too. The Diamond “Gypsy” ring is an amazing price, with a clear buttery polished finish and equally bewitching Diamonds to match, her smooth finish on the inside and the outside offers comfort and longevity in wear.

We also love the Edwardian Seed Pearl necklace. Despite being crafted over a century ago, we could imagine Tudor Kings and Queens wearing this finery. The maltese cross is steeped in religious symbolism, with a perfectly plump Pearl bale to match. Lastly, the Art Nouveau pocket watch is even more beguiling and beautiful in real life, it is from the highly collectible youth "Jugendstil" movement with sweet rose cut accents.


What a delightful jewellery gift set!

Under £1500

Forget the Mulberry Bayswater, these luxury gifts are anything but basic. Okay, we have nothing against Mulberry, because their bags are fabulous but if you are going to spend over £1000 on a gift, why not get something that will retain its value. This extraordinary collection are perfect for those who want to spend spend spend, and why shouldn’t you? After all, Christmas is all about giving and with the past couple of years being interesting to say the least, you all deserve a glittering treat.


This Edwardian Emerald, Diamond and Ruby necklace is Christmas in a nutshell, a solid 18ct Gold nutshell in fact. Her festive demeanour is easy on the eye, and she is perfect for bringing good tidings and cheer all year round.


Of course, if you like brands that are synonymous with luxury our vintage designer Mikimoto Akoya Pearl necklace is as luxurious as they come. A refined and elegant Pearl necklace is synonymous with luxury, and what better way than to give the gift of Mikimoto? Mikimoto are a prestigious cultured Pearl jewellery company, creating the first ever cultured Akoya Pearls in history and revolutionising the Pearl market.


This rose cut Diamond and Emerald navette ring is also an amazing price. Her dazzling beauty will charm even the Grinch and each individually cut Diamond is a testament to it’s antique history. The serene bottle-green hue of the Emerald is a refreshing and invigorating way to start 2022 on the best foot. But wait, there is more - we have also chosen one of the finest lockets from our collection. This solid 18ct Gold Pearl and Enamel locket was crafted over a century ago in the Victorian era. This fabulous antique Gold locket is 10 grams of 18ct Gold, with forget me not engravings, midnight-blue enamel and decadent seed Pearl accent. We wouldn't be surprised if we found this locket in the royal collection!

Completing the line up is a resplendent Georgian Pearl and Garnet pendant. Once an antique earring, this conversion pendant oozes with drama. We can once imagine that this pendant was part of a larger suite of jewellery and if was just one earring, we cannot even imagine how the rest of the suite looked! For those who want to know more about historic jewels, the flat cut Garnet is a sartorial hallmark of the Georgian period, and plump natural antique Pearls of this size are very hard to find today.

Luxury Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything

Take it from us, there is nothing worse than trying to find a gift for the woman who just has everything! Luckily for you, this is where we are in our prime. All of our jewels are one of a kind masterpieces, and if budget really isn’t an issue at all, then feel free to join us in our playground.


You really do have the cream of the crop, so just choosing 4 pieces out of all of our incredible jewels was very difficult. This phenomenal Georgian Flat Cut Garnet riviere just had to be included. Not only is she the perfect present to wake up to on a snowy Christmas morning, but this necklace can also proudly accompany this season's partywear with ease. In fact, it may even steal the show!

We are very surprised that this Georgian 15ct Gold openwork snake chain has yet to find a neck to land on, it is rather a marvellous creation, the poshest necklace of them all! No collection is complete without a chunky chain, so why not take it up a notch and get one that is solid 15ct Gold, with interwoven links that must have painstakingly crafted over a century ago. Every inch of this chain is beautiful, with a regal engraved barrel clasp to match.

These extravagant 22ct Gold Garnet earrings deserve to be shown off. Akin to a fiery phoenix, these earrings look as if they have just stepped out of a fairytale. The impressive 22ct Gold has been shaped into fine foliate and leaf tendrils, but you will easily get lost within the lively flash of the flat cut Garnets. These sublime antique Georgian earrings are the garden of delights!

Lastly, this incredible Diamond and Sapphire cluster ring is absolutely exquisite. Many couples choose to get engaged at this time of year, and this ring would be a beautiful engagement ring. This is actually a vintage ring, but you could easily mistake her for being Edwardian with her elegant demeanour. Oh not to mention, it's an absolute showstopper of a ring! The Diamonds have amazing fire, with a cornflower blue centre that makes our heart burst.

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