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I Couldn’t Help But Wonder - What Would The SATC Characters Wear From Lillicoco?
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I Couldn’t Help But Wonder - What Would The SATC Characters Wear From Lillicoco?

I Couldn’t Help But Wonder - What Would The SATC Characters Wear From Lillicoco?

One of the most sartorial shows on television, SATC (abbreviation for Sex And The City) continues to captivate the hearts and minds of both young and old fashionista’s. Run from 1998 to 2006 and with two spin off films, it’s witty one-liners, memorable looks and lovable relatable characters has firmly imprinted itself upon western culture. 

If you haven’t seen the show, we highly recommend that you do! Striking the right balance between engaging and escapism, as well as perfectly capturing the trials and tribulations of dating, you can easily take a bite into the big apple from your sofa. 

Of course, the outlandish throw-it-on fashion has what made the show so iconic, with many of the outfits cemented within fashion history. How can we forget the frivolity of Carrie Bradshaw’s layered tulle skirt in the opening credits or all of the girls enshrouded within oversized faux fur coats and eating mcdonalds whilst watching a baseball game. Although we may cringe at a few of the outfits today, we cannot deny the LEVELS to these looks. For instance, below is one of Carrie’s most talked about ensembles: 

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it was simply - a cultural reset. 

Now, back to jewellery. 

We think our SATC stars, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda would certainly shop at Lillicoco, effortlessly mixing one of a kind jewellery with their personal style, giving it a fresh guise in turn of the century New York. 


From delicate pendants to layered necklace looks, Carrie’s jewellery style is both statement and subtle. No stranger to experimenting, we think Carrie would have lots of fun playing with our jewels on an Instagram shoot! 

One of the things we love the most about Carrie’s jewellery wardrobe is her affinity to her name necklace. This shows that you don’t need to spend big bucks on a jewellery piece if you love it! What’s more it is a stellar example of just how integral a piece of jewellery can be to your identity. If Carrie Bradshaw existed 200 years ago, we think she would have her own personally engraved fob!

Stills from the show has shown how the stylists chose jewellery that epitomised both unique statement. The leading lady, Carrie was perceived to be a rare, voracious woman with a sharp eye for both perfectly constructed sentences and the ideal pair of shoes. So, it only seems right that the jewellery she wore reflects this! Famous examples include her black Diamond engagement ring to Mr Big, Elsa Peretti Tiffany Cuff Bracelet, and Kenneth Jay Lane Butterfly necklace,. 

First things first, Carrie clearly likes a both a princess length chain (like her Carrie name necklace) or long chains with a statement pendant. So we think this large Gold chunky long-guard chain with suspended dog clip and Etruscan revival pearl Enamel pendant would be within her jewellery box!

Antique 18ct Gold Etruscan Enamel Pearl Pendant, Source - Lillicoco

Antique Chunky Gold Long-Guard Chain, 59" (40g), Source - Lillicoco

As we know, Mr Big proposed to Carrie with a black Diamond engagement ring, one of the rarest Diamond colours. To match this, we think she would have an affinity for this Art Deco Onyx and Diamond ring. 

Art Deco 18ct Gold Onyx Diamond Square Panel Ring, Source - Lillicoco Sold Archive

Clearly displayed in the Kenneth Jay Lane Gold butterfly necklace, Carrie clearly likes also statement and kitschy jewellery. We can just imagine her wearing this Art Deco pink enamel butterfly pendant with a pale pink dress.

Art Deco Pink Enamel Butterfly Pendant Necklace, Source - Lillicoco

On the other hand, to suit Carrie’s taste for subtle minimalist pieces, we think she would resonate with this Gold arrow pendant encrusted with petite rose cut Diamonds. Not only do we think she would interpret this as helping her with direction (she does write “I couldn’t help but wonder” a lot in her column), but it also could symbolise a cupid’s arrow as she tries to ultimately find her quest for love. 

Antique 18ct Gold Diamond Arrow Necklace, Source - Lillicoco

Chain wise, we think she would both love the elegance and shine of a thick Gold snake chain, and we can just see her wearing an elegant Gold book chain to frame both her face and decolletage. 

Antique Gold Thick Snake Chain, 23 & 1/4", Source - Lillicoco

Victorian 18ct Gold Book Chain, 16", Source - Lillicoco

Lastly, the perfect accessory for her signature bright blue Manolo Blahniks and tousled tresses, we think Carrie would be drawn towards these Art Deco drop earrings, like these Gold Rock Crystal beauties below. 

 Art Deco Rock Crystal Drop Earrings, Source - Lillicoco


From glitzy party dresses to gargantuan shoulder pads, similarly to Carrie, Samantha is no stranger to the larger than life looks. Her extravagant over the top wardrobe fits perfectly with her bold and self-assured personality. 

In the SATC film, the first few opening scenes show Samantha and the girls attending a high profile jewellery auction, in which Samantha is drawn towards an extravagant designer bejewelled floral ring. With this in mind, we instantly know what kind of jewellery Samantha would go for - rare, feminine and powerful pieces. So, we certainly think she wouldn’t be adverse to this rare Gold scarab beetle bracelet. 

Antique Gold Scarab Beetle Bracelet, Source - Lillicoco

Although we don’t think Samantha Jones would settle for anything less than

Diamonds, we do think she would have an affinity for sparkling Paste jewellery - especially to wear to her high profile PR events. A bright paste collar or rock crystal riviere necklace, we think, she would wear with the upmost pride. The perfect complement to these ensembles worn in past seasons. 


Antique Silver Paste Collar Necklace, Source - Lillicoco

And for these PR events, it’s likely that she will need pieces she can wear from day until night with ease, which these Gold hoop earrings will be perfect. Both a timeless classic and symbol of powerful women, Gold hoop earrings have been worn by women for centuries, these cult classics were worn by Samantha multiple times throughout the seasons. 



Large Twisted Gold Hoop Earrings, Source - Lillicoco

Plus, as we know she likes vibrant glamorous cocktail rings, this sapphire Diamond cluster ring and this large Art Deco Diamond dress ring would suit her personality perfectly. 

Edwardian 18ct Gold Diamond Sapphire Cluster Ring, Source - Lillicoco

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Five Stone Dress Ring, (1.63ct), Source - Lillicoco


Prim, pristine and proper, there were a few things that came to mind when thinking what Charlotte would pick from Lillicoco, yet one that stood out for me was: Pearls. Epitomising Charlottes values of purity, beauty and femininity, Pearls perfectly capture Charlottes personality and they perfectly marry with her preppier dress sense Transitioning from an Art dealer into a stay at home mother, Charlotte is known for her old romantic and classic sensibilities.

Antique 15ct Gold Blue Tourmaline Pearl Pendant, Source - Lillicoco

With this in mind, Charlotte would inevitably be drawn towards our Edwardian collection of jewels - from Pearl brooches and rings to pretty bows, she would resonate with the classically feminine motifs and also more demure motifs. In comparison to the others, Charlotte’s approach to her love life is more traditional, so she would fall in love with the illicit codes of courtship that enshrouded antique jewellery gift-giving. 



Edwardian 15ct Gold Pearl Bow Heart Charm Brooch, Source - Lillicoco

What’s more, unlike Carrie and Samantha, Charlotte’s jewellery style is muted and classic, but nonetheless incredibly elegant. We can see her wearing these sophisticated drop Diamond earrings, especially with the romantic glow of the rose cut Diamonds or these blush pink Georgian paste drop earrings. 

Antique 18ct Gold Silver Rose Cut Diamond Earrings, 1.1ct, Source - Lillicoco


Georgian Paste Drop Earrings, c.1830, Source - Lillicoco

Yet, as we know, Charlotte was once a high-profile Art dealer and curator, so we have reason to believe that she would be drawn towards our esoteric, rare collectable pieces too. This Austro Hungarian Diamond Opal bracelet satisfies both Charlotte’s love for the finer things in life and having a piece that is completely one of a kind. 

Rare Austro-Hungarian 15ct Gold Opal Diamond Bracelet, Source - Lillicoco


A successful lawyer, Miranda is certainly known as the smartest, wittiest and at times most relatable of these girlfriends.


Often opting for more casual ensembles over glamorous get-ups,  just because Miranda does not have the most outlandish wardrobe, does not emit her from having a great taste in jewellery. Miranda was conceived as being the character that epitomised the modern working woman, a high-flying lawyer who also becomes a single mum in later seasons. Her no fuss attitude to fashion did accrue some great outfits, like her corporate power suits and velvet maroon suit she wore to her autumn wedding. 

Unlike the others, we don’t think Miranda would be drawn towards the most glamorous pieces, she would rather wear jewellery that could easily take her from the boardroom to a date with Steve, as well as being easy enough to wear around her child. For instance, it could be these elegant cufflinks below, gorgeous Gold split ring or modernist Coral pendant.

Art Deco 18ct Gold Ruby Sapphire Diamond Cufflinks, Source - Lillicoco

Victorian Gold Split Ring, Source - Lillicoco

Modernist 14ct Gold Coral Pendant, Source - Lillicoco

Yet, Miranda does possess glamour, an underdog of the Sex and the City style stakes, from her form-fitting black mesh dress that she wore to Carrie’s friends wedding to the ochre yellow Grecian style dress in the opening of the SATC film. So, when she does want to feel glamorous, we think Garnets would look gorgeous against her red hair and pale complexion, especially this Georgian Perpignan Garnet riviere necklace and these matching earrings. 


Georgian Perpignan Garnet Riviere Necklace, Source - Lillicoco


Gold Georgian Garnet Earrings, Source - Lillicoco

Plus throughout the series Miranda clearly had an affinity for brooches - a great way to accessorise a black worksuit. With this in mind, we think she would love the simplicity of the Victorian Gold bar brooch and suspended dog clip or this dynamic antique Diamond zig zag brooch. 

Antique Gold Bar Brooch with Dog Clip, Source - Lillicoco

Antique Rose Cut Diamond "Zig Zag" Brooch, Source - Lillicoco

We hope you have enjoyed reading this fun light-hearted blog post, we certainly had a good time putting it together and reliving our favourite SATC outfits. Whether you are a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte in your friendship group, there is something for every taste at Lillicoco!

Love, Lillicoco xo

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