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Gorgeous Garnets

What's not to love about a Garnet!  It's the birthstone for all of you January babies, and also the gemstone given to symbolise the second anniversary of marriage.

The hardness of Garnets makes them very durable, and therefore a popular choice for making into fabulous jewellery!  In fact, they have been used in jewellery for thousands of years by civilisations including the Egyptians and the Romans, as well as throughout the Middle Ages. The name "Garnet" has it's roots in the Latin word for "seedlike" which is in reference to the similarity in appearance between Garnets and the jewel-like seeds of the pomegranate. To this day you often see Garnets in clusters, which is an homage to this little quirk of history!

(A cut Garnet - Gemselect; A selection of polished "pomegranate seed" Garnets- Rabhyaajewels)

Style Tips:

The beautiful deep red colour and glasslike lustre of the stones pairs especially well with yellow gold in brooches, earrings and necklaces.  For best results you should match Garnets with outfits primarily composed of dark greens, blues and blacks. These colours really help the Garnets to 'pop' to their full potential! They also match well with red and white, although the jewellery will stand out less prominently.


(Queen Victoria rocking some massive Garnets with a gorgeous green dress - Paramountgems)

(Kate Beckinsell - Fabulous chandelier statement earrings- Instyle)

(Miley Cyrus - Georgian style flat cut Garnet earrings- Navneetgems) 

Meaning and Benefits:

Garnets are said to confer many positive benefits to the wearer.  It's widely considered to be a stone of passion, love, friendship and self-confidence.  In medieval times it was worn as a stone of protection, and was believed to promote the health of the blood and heart whilst warding off inflammation.  Garnets are often also linked to achieving success in life, but particularly in business.  So overall, a great gemstone to wear as often as possible (and especially if you're going for that promotion)!

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Garnet Cluster Ring
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Garnet Cluster Ring
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