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Fall in love this Valentine's Day with our top 15 Valentine’s picks
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Fall in love this Valentine's Day with our top 15 Valentine’s picks

Fall in love this Valentine's Day with our top 15 Valentine’s picks

Finding the perfect Valentines gift for your partner can at times be an odious and stressful task, especially if you are looking for a piece that they don’t expect.

 From ‘I <3 you’ teddy bears to a dozen red roses, his and hers mugs to heart-shaped chocolates, there is an abundance of novelty, but nonetheless stereotypical, Valentine’s gifts for your partner out there. Yet, as much as these are lovely and charming in their own right, they will likely be a fleeting gift that will soon be tucked away, already collecting dust in your attic on February the 15th. So, show your partner that you really care by getting them a special piece that they will treasure for a lifetime, not just a few hours. 

If you are looking for something a little less than quintessential, we have endeavoured to collate together a gorgeous array of Valentine’s gift ideas for her below, all from our glittering Lillicoco collection. 

Antique jewellery valentines gifts are a sentimental and touching way to honour your loved one and the relationship you share together. It can be difficult to find gifts that truly connect to your heart, that dance the fine line of cheesy and caring, and that convey how deeply you cherish one another. 

Jewellery has been exchanged between loved ones for centuries. In the earliest civilisations when jewellery was first created for the belief that it possessed powerful protective qualities, amulets and talismans would have been given to help protect a loved one from harm’s way.

 Yet, the intoxicating and bewitching beauty of gemstones soon transformed jewellery into Objets d’Arte, created to display a person’s wealth and affection, and perhaps, to entice into courtship and marriage. What’s more, as jewellery is worn close to the skin, jewellery instantly has a symbiotic, close and intimate relationship with the wearer, far closer than other fashion accessories. 

Antique jewellery adds another element, and another story. How exquisite would it be holding a historic relic within your hands? Imagine its past wearers, who they were, the events they attended, the outfits they were worn with, the journey that it will have taken to arrive within your possession. Through you, the jewellery will start a new chapter. 

So, stop endlessly searching ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’ through Google, and read below for our top 15 Valentine’s picks. 

To find out more about each individual piece, just click on the title where we have embedded a link to their listing. Or, don't hesitate to drop us an email and we can send exclusive videos and pictures of the piece just for you!

Antique 15ct Gold Diamond Pendant

To start off, we have selected this divine antique 15ct Gold Diamond pendant. Crafted in the Victorian era, this pretty heart has a beautiful twinkling Diamond at the centre, framed by celestial-style engravings.  

Positioned under the plain Gold ring band and Opal Pearl cluster ring, we have chosen this piece for Valentines simply because she exudes timeless beauty. Although an antique, we think your loved one will enjoy wearing this piece time and time again. Whether accessorising a little black dress or adding a touch of twinkle to workwear. 

In the Victorian period, celestial-inspired pieces were at the heart (pardon the pun!) of romanticism, a fitting symbol for protection, guidance, mystery, magic and power - fitting feelings that you and your loved one will undoubtedly share. Relationships are, and will always be lined with unexpected twists and turns, bumps in the road and some of the most beautiful moments shared with one another, and we believe this beautiful pendant reflects this wholeheartedly. 

Victorian Gold Heart Locket

Whilst we are on the subject of Victorian symbolism, if you want to gift a piece that is undoubtedly rich in the language of love, this Victorian Gold heart locket could be just what you are looking for (without even realising that you are searching for it!). 

This locket has two cartouchés on both the front and back of the locket, inviting two engravings. Personalisation is a great way to instantly make a Valentine’s gift feel special. Plus, with an antique locket like this one, it is you literally writing your chapter together, engraved for eternity. The front cartouché is a shield, a symbol of protection, and the reverse is a naturalistic shape that hugs the acanthus leaves engravings. 

Forget-me-nots and acanthus leaves were the engraving of choice during the Victorian era as it signified remembrance and immortality. Undoubtedly, a stunning valentine’s gift for girlfriends and wives. 

Antique Silver Paste Heart Pendant, c.1850. 

Despite us loving antique Gold jewellery, antique Silver jewellery is also equally as enchanting, plus we know that every woman has their preference so it would be rude not to add a piece of silver heart jewellery to the list!

This stunning Silver heart pendant is visually very striking, positioned at the centre of the photo above. A cabochon Turquoise is nestled at the centre, in the perfect quintessential shade of duck egg blue. Surrounding the Turquoise are all individually hand cut Paste gems, varying from 2mm to 4mm in diameter, creating a dynamic and visually-appealing display overall.

We simply think this would be a great Valentine’s gift because it has that je ne sais quoi feel about it. The Paste gems are unique to antique jewellery, evident of high-quality craftsmanship, so if your loved one just adores everything from the past, then this piece would just be irresistible for them. Plus, this pendant is incredibly wearable, traversing from day to evening occasions with ease.  

Art Deco Diamond Solitaire Ring

It probably won’t be surprising to you that Valentine’s day is one of the most popular days to get engaged, other than the Christmas period, so of course, it would be rude not to include a possible antique engagement ring, especially as divine as this Art Deco Diamond solitaire ring. In fact, we are pretty certain that many of our readers are considering getting down on one knee on the most romantic day of the year!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the gem of choice for engagement rings due to their everlasting nature and rarity. Undoubtedly, what we love the most about this piece is that the Diamond has been graciously cut into a heart shape - how adorable! Despite the ring exuding feminine energy through the heart, it is held aloft by strong architectural style gallery, epitomising the decadence of the Art Deco period.

This ring is just something we think your partner-to-be won’t be able to resist, we can hear wedding bells in the distance already!

Edwardian Pearl Heart Brooch with Lucky Clover, c.1901

Luck and love are two ideas that go hand in hand. Did you meet your loved one by chance? Whether your hands touched over the same packet of tomatoes in the supermarket or you accidentally walked into each other in the street, heads bent down, fingers jumping on your phones. Captured and told through every greatest love story ever known, chance and luck are the master puppeteer for your fates. 

So, if your meeting is one destined for poems, stories and fables, why not commemorate this through this Edwardian Pearl heart brooch? Featuring a lucky clover poised at the centre, your loved one can wear this close to their heart throughout the day. 

A fitting Valentine’s gift for relationships that started with a little help from fate, we think this dainty brooch will be loved for the many more decades to come. 

Georgian Agate Heart Pendant 

If your partner loves nature-inspired jewellery, then this Georgian agate pendant could be something that they will love. Displaying beautiful and stunning tones of peach, orange and white, it's amazing what mother nature can do! 

Centred in the middle of this stunning layered necklace look, we love that the original maker of this piece let the Agate do all of the talking here. The piece is finished with a decorative yellow Gold rope jump ring and bale, adding that final touch of fine antique jewellery excellence!

What’s more, if you believe that the love you share with your partner is as natural as the earth itself, then this pendant would be the perfect ode to this - certain to bring a tear into your partner’s eye.

Victorian Gold Curb Chain Bracelet with Heart Padlock

Valentines Day is a great way to commemorate and show your partner that you appreciate them. And what better way to do this than get them this beautiful bracelet. Rich in detail, the chunky curb links are caressed by intricate engravings, giving this bracelet plenty of dimension and tone. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Valentine’s gift if it didn’t include a heart motif in some form (we are sure you are noticing a theme here!). The Victorian padlock is an authentic touch of charm, kissed by floral engravings. Although padlocks are quintessentially Victorian, our jewellery eyes have seen them as a recurring motif in plenty of contemporary jewellery (Tiffany and Co!). So, you can be assured that this piece, like your relationship, will never go out of style. 

If you want to find that special Valentine’s gift over £500, then this beauty could be it!

Antique 18ct Gold Pearl Locket

If it is your first Valentines with your partner this year, or this is your first relationship, we can imagine how excited you are for this occasion. First loves are incredibly precious, and will always hold a special place in our heart, so it’s important that you find the right piece of antique jewellery to commemorate this. 

This locket is just underneath the Pearl navette ring!

Lockets are a beautiful and sentimental choice for Valentine’s gifts, and this one is one of the prettiest and quintessentially feminine pieces that we have in our collection. Large plump pearls are arranged into a blooming flower, perfect for symbolising the sweetness and innocence of first love. 

A dainty piece, we think your loved one will be wearing this with everything they own. It’s no secret that Pearl jewellery is having a renaissance in fashion, dubbed ‘cool girl pearls’ by fashion magazines and influencers. If your loved one adores being on trend, then this could be the perfect locket for her. 

Edwardian 15ct Gold Enamel Pearl Pendant Brooch

If you are part of the Lillicoco Vault, you may already recognise this piece, and a few more pieces to come. (It’s really easy to sign up, you can unsubscribe at any time, and you get exclusive access to sales and new jewellery finds like this piece!). 

This Edwardian 15ct Gold Enamel Pearl pendant brooch is spectacular, so spectacular in fact, that it won’t be in our collection for long. 

Epitomising Edwardian femininity with pearls, bows and deep cobalt blue Enamel, this pendant brooch is perfectly regal! If your partner lusts after pieces that clearly are from a former era, then this is perfect. A touching way to honour a Queen in your life. 

Georgian Crowned Heart Diamond Ring (0.30ct)

If you have been an avid follower and long-time buyer of Lillicoco, then it probably won’t surprise you that we have included this piece. We have had plenty of interest for this beauty, but we are just waiting for the right buyer, as good things come to those who wait. 


This ring is the stunning piece on the index finger!

Many people wait for their prince or princess charming, and this ring epitomises this wholeheartedly. Displaying the finest skills of Georgian craftsmanship, this maker has expertly shaped the Silver settings in an abstract heart and crown shape. Poised within this is an incredible rose cut Diamond, a cut of Diamond we don’t often see today!

Undeniably a luxurious piece, this Georgian ring will bedazzle your loved one, and they will be as obsessed as us - we will be sad to let her go!

Antique 18ct Rock Crystal Heart Pearl Pendant

Another exclusive, this pendant is perfect if your lover has a pure heart! 

We are fascinated by the incredibly smooth Rock Crystal heart, framed by a halo of pearls. Perfectly cut, it appears as if this a droplet from heaven frozen in time, how magical! 


We have never seen a type of antique jewel like this, a true treasure from another time! 

An incredibly cool piece of antique jewellery, this pendant is only available for a short time, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have interest in her. 

Antique 15ct Gold Heart Locket

If you are looking for Valentines Gifts under £500, then this little beauty is perfect. Crafted from 15ct Gold, we think your loved one will treasure this piece. This locket is an incredible price for 15ct Gold, as this is a type of Gold that is no longer created, discontinued in 1932. 

A beautiful buttery gold, this locket is the colour of sunshine, daffodils and marigolds, caressed by smooth engravings across the surface. The hue of this piece is particularly remarkable, as today, most 15ct Gold pieces have mellowed to a distinctive copper hue.

A gift that will surely make your girlfriend, admirer or wife melt. 

Antique 15ct Gold Amethyst Pendant 

A distinctive piece in our collection, we recently acquired this beauty and its safe to say we are pretty obsessed by her - simply because she perfectly fuses both unique character and timeless beauty. 

We hardly ever see cabochon Amethyst pieces, let alone ones fashioned into a heart, how unique! A silvery pearl is the cherry on top of the cake, encrusted into an 18ct Gold star at the centre. 

Antique Heart Opal Diamond Crown Brooch

And last, but certainly not least, we couldn’t resist including this antique Opal brooch. How impressive is this Opal? We cannot believe our eyes once we saw her - it was love at first sight. 

Opals offer us a glimpse into another magical world, with a shimmering confetti of lilac, blue, green and coral revealed at just the slightest caress of light. A stone that symbolises passion, this would be a wonderful Valentines gift for her, the light, passion and amour of your life. 

Pretty Diamonds frame the Opal, gemstones that, as we know, last forever.

Art Nouveau Silver Heart Locket  

When we think of romantic jewellery, our mind instantly jumps to Art Nouveau pieces. Art Nouveau jewellery encapsulates the fantasy, magic, and sublime beauty that is associated with love. From twirling leaves to flowers and filigrees, these features are abundant in jewellery, and in this beautiful Silver locket below.

This locket's Art Nouveau influence is subtle, but undoubtedly present, standing this piece apart from other lockets in our collection. Flowers and leaves sweep across the surface, perfect for partners who are enchanted by perfectly feminine designs. 

A stunning Valentines gift under £200!

Remember, if you have any questions or queries about these items as well as the other jewellery within these pictures - do not hesistate to contact us at!

Not only will your order be expertly gift wrapped for free in our signature pink Lillicoco box, but also we will send a handwritten card too, detailing all of the jewellery information you need. Plus, within these cards, we can also add a handwritten gift message!

We all hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day and that you find the perfect gift you have been looking for. 

Love Lillicoco xoxo


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