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Dazzle This Winter with Our 15 Favourite Pieces in Our Winter Sale

Glittering, gorgeous and exciting are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of this year’s annual winter sale. Amidst the Aladdin’s Cave of the Lillicoco collection, it can be difficult task whittling down your favourites. The original plan for this article was to pick a top 10, but we have so many incredible and rare pieces to choose from that we simply had to go with 15 instead! 

From lemon-hued Citrines to glamorous Riviere necklaces and effervescent Diamond rings, we have handpicked the very best of the best, making sure that you are the envy of all of your friends this Christmas. 

So, without further ado, these are my 15 favourite pieces from our glorious winter sale! If you love any of these and want to know more, simply follow the links below to see the full set of studio photos. But we must digress, every piece is unique, so get a glass of champagne and shop away! Life’s best decisions are made after a glass of bubbles...

Antique Gold Citrine Riviere Necklace, (78.7ct)

This glorious necklace certainly puts the saying ‘Dripping in Gold’ into jewellery form! Appearing like tantalising lemon drops, these incredible Citrines graduate from 11.5mm to 15.5mm in diameter and glow against your skin. 

The perfect complement to a cowl neck dress, an up-do and perhaps a pair of Citrine earrings, this is the ultimate cocktail necklace. What we love about rivieres is that they are completely uncommon in contemporary jewellery, epitomising both luxury and antique elegance. 

This beautiful necklace is picked from the Victorian era, a period defined by its grandeur, mass industrialisation, scientific innovation and expansion of the British empire. Just imagine this piece poised on the collarbone of an esteemed Victorian gentlewoman. 

Victorian Moonstone Diamond Cluster Ring, (0.62ct)

Feel like a goddess with this Victorian moonstone ring! Poised at the centre is a beautiful Ceylon Moonstone which has an abundance of meaning and symbolic properties, including enhancing luck, love and giving you the protection of the Moon Goddess Diana. Ceylon Moonstones are also famed for their unusual schiller, adularescence and transparency. They are a vision of light, giving you an ethereal glimpse into another world!

The Moonstone may take centre stage, but lest we forget the other beautiful features of this ring! Framed by Diamonds, this ring oozes opulence, twinkling fiercely in the light. Give this ring what it wholeheartedly deserves by wearing this piece to a fine dinner or Christmas party, you will certainly be the Belle of the ball!

Exquisite Antique 15ct Gold Flower Locket 

Epitomising beauty and grace, this gorgeous locket is truly a romantic and wholeheartedly feminine piece. This piece is made from 15ct Solid Gold, a hallmark of antiquity that you won’t find in the contemporary jewellery world. 

You will not be able to take your eyes off of the raised flower motif, growing out of the locket’s frame. A plump pearl is at the heart of the flower, symbolising purity, chastity, feminity and innocence. This locket would suit a fine antique chain, or can be attached to a brooch pin to hold this piece against your heart. What better item to hold and glorify a picture of your loved one within!

Antique Rose Cut Diamond Ring 

If you have a penchant for old Georgian Diamonds, as well as statement antique jewellery, this ring and you were a match made in heaven! Although we have plenty of floral-inspired cluster rings on our site, this one is simply the best we have ever seen! The crown gallery and Diamonds are raised high off of the finger, so it should certainly be given a place of pride on your hand. 

If you are attending a black-tie event this Christmas, this ring is a must and will certainly complement a flowing floor-length gown. 

Antique Rock Crystal Riviere Necklace (35.46ct)

Why have one statement riviere necklace, when you could have two? This rock crystal necklace is Victorian dynamite, with its pristine icy glow transforming you into the Ice Queen when you wear it!

Possessing plenty of twinkle, this necklace speaks for itself. Imagine it at Victorian coming of age balls accompanying a satin ballgown, or perhaps worn by an esteemed Gentlewoman at a night of the Opera! No matter its provenance, you cannot deny its incredibly glamorous appeal, a necklace that should be worn at every New Years event you attend! 

It is not just the Rock Crystal gems that command attention, but also the fancy link chain which it is attached to also has plenty of character. This authentic Victorian chain has been attached by a skilled jeweller, doubling this necklaces majesty!

Art Deco Diamond Cluster Ring 

It is no secret that the lead up to Christmas is the prime time for engagements, whether it is the magical loving feeling in the air, or the idea of a new year (new you!) on the horizon, many think this is the apt romantic time to get down on one knee. 

This gorgeous diamond ring would be an exquisite and unusual engagement ring, and it even has its own personal story dating back to the Art Deco era! A visionary period in history that was culturally magnificent, culminating in dancing flapper girls, old Hollywood glamour and perhaps the best parties we could only hope to witness! 

So, if your loved one has a penchant for the Great Gatsby, this ring should certainly be on their finger. 

Belle Epoche Toi et Moi French Ring

When one Diamond isn’t enough, two Diamonds certainly will suffice! From the prestigious court of Louis XIV to the Modernist era, the French has long been revered as one of the world’s cultural and artistic icons, setting the latest trends in fashion, jewellery, design and accessories. This beautiful Art Deco Toi et Moi ring is certainly no exception to this. 

Toi et Moi symbolises two souls that are divinely interconnected, another unusual but meaningful engagement ring, or perhaps a beautiful ring to gift at an anniversary! We believe that this beauty originated from the Belle Epoche era, a significant time in French history that was revered for its majesty, cultural impact and optimistic attitude in France at the time. Here nouveau riché flourished, cabarets and music halls were packed, French railways sophisticated giving affluent Parisians quick escapes to the French Riviera for a spot of Bouillabaisse and Moet!

This ring encapsulates this and more, from the delicate Yellow Gold and Platinum settings to the architectural Diamonds sitting adjacent to one another. We are simply so jealous of whoever finally gets their hands on this momentous piece!

Antique 9ct Gold Albert Chain, 16”

Although we have an abundance of Victorian pieces on our site, nothing captures the bricolage of aesthetic and thought than this antique 9ct Gold Albert chain. Perhaps one of the original influencers, Prince Albert popularised this style of chain, originally created to help a man not lose his pocket watch. These chains were often decorated with T-bars, dog clips, ornate industrial-inspired links and also richly ornate fobs. 

Here, we have turned this original Albert chain into a beautiful necklace, a unisex piece that can be worn by both sartorial-inclined men and women. This chain has plenty of handsome charm and grace, with alternating floral and fancy Belcher links, statement steampunk style links and hallmarked dog clips. 

Even more exciting is that this piece has maker’s marks “FF&CO” engraved onto the dog clips, a great collector’s item for those who are looking for this specific jewellery creator. 

Edwardian Moonstone Necklace 

Demure, sensuous and ladylike are just a few of many words that come to mind to describe this dignified piece! Not only are moonstones equated with the moon Goddess Diana, love and luck but they also are believed to possess plenty of other magical properties, including helping to calm heightened emotions. 

We simply do feel tranquil when gazing into these beautiful moonstones, suspending beautifully down your neck. Possessing a captivating blue sheen when the light hits, these translucent moonstones take your thoughts to another world. 

Edwardian jewellery epitomised the optimism and glamour of the period. Simply imagine this piece looking sensational paired with the ‘S’ curve period dress that was the au courant of the time! This piece would add a touch of antique glamour to a sweetheart or bardot neckline dress. 

Georgian Diamond Pendeloque Earrings

It is no secret that our lives are becoming busier by the year, which calls for more transferable pieces in our wardrobe! These antique earrings are exactly what you need, and they are Georgian too! 

Pendeloque earrings were extremely fashionable in the Georgian period, and these must have been worn to every star-studded Regency event, whether it was a debutanté ball or a young woman looking for her Mr Darcy! You can easily wear these pieces from day to night, simply by easily removing or adding the pear drop shape at the bottom of the earring. So if you are fancying a sparkling stud or a beautiful elegant drop earring, here you can have both.

These earrings are oozing Georgian luxury, from the rose and baguette cut Diamonds to the rare Georgian hallmark and the 18ct Gold hooks! Given that they have lasted over 200 years it is remarkable that they are in such fabulous condition!

10ct Gold Georgian Diamond Cluster Ring

Featuring fifteen rose cut Diamonds and a filigree engraved centre, this Georgian ring is truly magnificent! One of things that we and our staff love the most is that the Diamond hues alternate between peachy blush tones and bright white, something that we have never seen before in antique jewellery! These tones beautifully complement the pale 10ct Gold, a ring that deserves a lavish occasion to wear it too. 

Not only do the bedazzling diamonds glitter and sparkle whenever the light hits but also this ring is smooth to wear, sitting flat with the finger. 

The expert jeweller who created this ring also paid close attention to the ring’s shoulders, carving three dainty flowers into its surface. You certainly will not be able to find a ring of this majesty in the contemporary jewellery world. 

18ct Gold Georgian Diamond Trilogy Ring

We are not done yet with Georgian jewellery! This 18ct Gold trilogy ring would be another gorgeous engagement ring for your partner-to-be. Trilogy rings are a timeless motif that are still popular today, with the alignment of jewels symbolising the past, present and future. The rose cut Diamonds allow for a breathtaking display of glittering light as well as giving the Diamonds a silvery-grey hue. 

Another feature of this ring that we adore is the dainty 18ct Gold band that has gracefully aged to a rosy hue, the perfect complement to the silvery Diamonds. 

But lest we forget to mention the teardrop rose cut Diamond at the heart of this ring, captivating the eye and drawing the attention towards this antique mastery! 

Victorian Amethyst Necklace with Briolette Drop

If you know an Amethyst lover then this necklace will be a wonderful magical gift! Oozing with majesty, the indigo violet tones have long been associated with both royalty and divinity, a fitting complement to the 15ct Gold chain and collet settings. 

Amethysts are a timeless stone that was highly fashionable in both the Victorian era and today! Considered a ‘gem of fire’ from Ancient civilisations, amethysts have since accumulated a myriad of different symbolic meaning and interpretations, include representing faithful love, and being the stone of St Valentine. Even more interesting is that amethysts were once believed to help ease drunkeness! So why not wear this piece to a glorious party?

This faceted briolette drop Amethyst is the crowning glory of this piece, appearing like a flower bud, blooming against your skin. Like rich purple grapes, the eight cushion cut Amethysts will drape themselves around your neck, a delectable piece that will look resplendent with a cowl neck satin slip dress. 

Georgian Crowned Heart Diamond Ring 

Oozing in antiquity, this Georgian Diamond ring is perfectly one-of-a-kind! Poised at the centre is a foiled rectangular cut Diamond, surrounded by natural inspired motifs and filigrees, a powerful ring that will certainly be the envy of your friends.

What we also love about this ring is the carefully crafted ring band, clearly taking inspiration from organic forms. Appearing like a wooden twig or stem of a flower, the ring band is a beautiful unique touch, elevating this rings already distinctive appearance!

This ring is smooth to slide onto the finger, comfortably sitting flat; a subtle and remarkable piece, a hallmark of Georgian craftsmanship.

Even more sensational is that this ring has clearly survived over 200 years untainted! A testament to its perfect preservation and high-quality of the Diamonds, Gold and Silver.   

Victorian Moonstone Necklace

And lastly, but certainly not least, let us introduce you to this glamorous Victorian Moonstone necklace! Here, we have combined two incredible Victorian pieces, a 9ct Gold antique chain and a moonstone bracelet, culminating in a fashionable fusion of antique elegance and contemporary style. 

Sitting just above the collarbone, this piece is a beautiful necklace for either a layered look or simply being worn on its own! This necklace presents plenty of sophisticated character, with glimmering Cabochon moonstones revealing a glacial lavender and light blue schiller once the light hits. 

This necklace would be a wonderful gift for a bride-to-be, complementing the bright white or ivory tones of a wedding dress. Or, you could wear this to a glorious New Years Eve celebration! 

Here at Lillicoco, we simply are so excited about these pieces and we are sure you are too! If you have any enquiries about our free international delivery or any of our antique collection then please do not hesitate to DM us on our instagram @Lillicoco or email us at!



Molly Chatterton

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