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A Vintage Valentine's Day

As February approaches we’re still wrapped up in multiple layers and huddling around the fireplace. New years resolutions are in full swing and we’re already looking forward to seeing the glowing rays of springtime. What we need in the meantime is some escape from this chilly prison. Luckily, relief is on the horizon.

Soon we will all be celebrating the international day of love as February 14th rolls in. Valentine’s Day. But where does this tradition come from and how did it come to be so popular across the world.

The roots of Valentines Day go back to long before Clinton Cards were churning out love-themed declarations of love. Originally a Pagan fertility festival, the first Valentine’s Day is believed to have been in 496!

The name derives from St Valentine who was a priest in Rome during the third century AD. The rebellious priest was arranging marriages in secret, against the rules of Emperor Claudius II, who at the time believed that married men made bad soldiers, so he outlawed them.

St Valentine was thrown in jail and there he then fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. He was then sentenced to death and before he was killed, on the 14th February, he sent a love letter to the daughter signed “from your Valentine”.

There have been many other notable events that have occurred on the 14th February, but it wasn’t until 1913 that Hallmark produced the first commercially available Valentine’s card, which began the growing popularity of the day.

Following this, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the jewellery industry moved into the Valentine’s arena in a bid to offer something extra special for those celebrating Valentine’s Day. The 14th February is now one of the most popular holidays in the UK.

Nothing warms the heart more than a romantic gesture. Flowers and chocolates are all well and good, but why not go that extra mile and make a statement with our Vintage Valentine’s jewellery? With February 14th soon approaching there is no better way to let that special person know you love them than with one-of-a-kind antique jewellery.

Our vintage jewellery is perfect for making that gesture, and you won’t find these unique and classic pieces anywhere else. In honour of this, we’ve delved into our extensive collection to dig out some of the best vintage Valentine’s jewellery gifts for her.

Where to start? Well, how about something super luxurious? This vintage 1ct diamond and ruby stone ring is everything your lady could wish for and is very versatile. You could even use it to pop the big question and use it as an engagement ring. However, it will work just as well as a day-to-day piece.

Vintage 1ct Diamond & Ruby 5 Stone Ring - 18ct Gold -

We’re certain that diamonds have most girls heart-strings-a-fluttering and this vintage diamond ring really sings to us too. Not only does it sparkle, it gleams ruby red too and it will be adored by whoever is lucky enough to wear it.

Diamond & Ruby 9ct Gold Ring - Vintage Channel Set Crossover Ring -

Art Deco has always been one of the greatest eras of design and this garnet and rock crystal art deco bracelet embodies the best qualities of the 1920s. The detail of this rare and unique piece is delightful, and its dark red tones ooze classiness.

Splendid Silver, Garnet & Rock Crystal Art Deco Bracelet - c.1920 - 

If you’re looking for something a little more understated, but still full of glamour, then check out these 9ct gold cluster earrings. The floral design has been perfectly executed and has resulted in a seriously cute pair of earrings.

Sweet 9ct Gold Garnet Cluster Earrings - c.1981 -

The colour red is synonymous with Valentine’s Day but don’t be completely restricted by this. It sometimes feels good to break the mould and you can always compliment your gift with a red rose, or perhaps a dozen. This mystic vintage 9ct gold turquoise ring would make a delightful surprise Valentine’s gift for her.

Spectacular Vintage 9ct Gold Turquoise Ring - c.1970 -

Sticking with the alternative gift ideas but planted firmly in the love theme is our collection of vintage jewellery hearts. We have a number of pendants, rings, and lockets, all with their own sense of charm. This vintage heart is about as close to perfect for a piece of vintage Valentine’s jewellery.

Victorian 9ct Gold "Puffy" Heart Locket with Chain - Circa 1800s -

We also love this silver paste heart pendant with its turquoise centre. Dating from the 19th century, this antique Victorian jewellery really is an exemplary piece.

Pretty Antique Silver Paste Heart Pendant with Turquoise Centre - c.1850 -

Hopefully, this gives you more than enough inspiration for that special gift for your loved one, or soon to be loved one. We hope our vintage jewellery collection adds a little sparkle to your day, and remember, roses are red, violets are blue, Lillicoco can sort your Valentine’s gift for you!

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